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        JAZZ PIANIST, COMPOSITION, ARRANGEMENTS                                                             

            Marie-Helene Blay is a trained pianist and multidisciplinary artist. She lives in Quebec city, performing in her region as a jazz pianist / Musique Actuelle. His multidisciplinary work in performance integrates acoustic and digital music, performance art and audio art, sound design and video. This leads her to work in different artistic environments and to perform in unexpected contexts for a musician developing her particular style.

            She was a member of the collective Les Fermières obsédées, a collective of performance mainly known for the indiscipline that he breathed into the genre of action art. With this collective, she has performed in many festivals and events in Quebec and Canada, as well as in the United States. She has performed in Vancouver at the Live 09 Festival, in Chicago USA at the Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival, in Alberta at the MS : T Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival, and at SAAG Southern Gallery Saskatchewan at the Contemporary Dance Studio New Dance Horizon and the Neutral Ground Gallery in Regina. Pianist for various formations, she has played several times in concert at Kiosque Edwin Bélanger, at the International Jazz Festival of Quebec, at the Music Sundays of the Grand Théâtre de Québec, on the stage of the Place d'Youville ... in bars and restaurants of his region. She has recorded and directed 2 albums for D.O.G.FREE, project of joint creations with the saxophonist Lyne Goulet. She has participated in various recordings for many groups at the piano or realization.

            She is now pursuing her practice as a founding member of  collective B.L.U.S.H. with whom she performed in Eastern Europe at the Mas Gallery and the Suluv Gallery, as well as in several artists' centers of the province of Quebec such as La Chambre Blanche, Le Lobe, The Ecart, Vertical, in performance of opening for Manif d'art 7 and at the OFFTA, Festival Phénomena , several times at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec. She performs at the opening of the Mayday Remix contemporary dance show by choreographer Mélanie Demers, presented at Usine C sold out. The short film "We Are B.L.U.S.H." was broadcast at the 29th International Festival Les Instants Vidéo in Marseille, as well as online on VisualTVContainer. She is the composer of the international circus show La Galerie, which begins a world tour, produced by the company Machine de Cirque.

            The integration of the world of sound design, complementary work to that of jazz pianist, allows him to expand and diversify his research in composition by enhancing them with multidisciplinary performances. It favors the development of new musical and technical avenues, the questioning of norms, the creative disorder, the production of new situations, evolution.

          SOME VARIOUS EXPERIENCES                                                                                          

             Since 2006 she is president of AOFT, which manages an audio production studio and designs soundtracks. She teaches classical and jazz piano in private, in individualized classes in 2012-2013 at l'Accroche-Note School of Music. From 1998 to 2010, she was part of the Artists of the Manufacture, a collective of artists subsidized by the city of Quebec for the acquisition of creative workshops. In the 1990s, she managed the recording studio Publique Cité, which allowed her to get acquainted with recording techniques and more particularly to study the techniques of editing and mixing.

          ARTISTIC APPROACH                                                                                                           

            The creation of sound paintings: musical composition and arrangement, sound and sound research, analysis and transformation of sounds, production of sequences and soundtracks ... She seeks textures and new processes using all the knowledge she has.

        She exploits electroacoustic processes through objects of all kinds and raw materials appropriate to the soundscape and thus transform them into sampling with the help of external pedals, internal sound effects ... She uses the techniques of digital music and those of acousmatic art. Acoustic musical instruments are used not only for their traditional uses but also for diverted purposes by exploiting all their sound possibilities, whether conventional or unusual.


            In Art Performance, his job is to integrate sound with the still image or in motion. Creative work, find a basic general idea that will turn into a guideline, then structure of the musical work to support the visual and interact with him at the moment during the performance. Live execution in real time. Given that the field of performance evolves in the present moment, the audio programming, as well as several musical parts and all the creation of the sound space must be done as and when the action unfolds. So if the performance is presented several times, it results in a unique creation each time.



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